Cloud First for Biomedical Research: Security

As biomedical research labs digitalize and automate their processes, taking advantage of cloud first technology gives an organization a head start.


For CIOs and IT departments evaluating LIMS, the advantages of cloud computing combined with robust functionality makes the choice of moving to the cloud much easier.  The only remaining question is how secure is the cloud?


"Security and privacy are built right into the Azure platform, beginning with the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) that addresses security at every development phase from initial planning to launch, and Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure. Operational Security Assurance (OSA) builds on SDL knowledge and processes to provide a framework that helps ensure secure operations throughout the lifecycle of cloud-based services. Azure Security Center makes Azure the only public cloud platform to offer continuous security-health monitoring."


As a Microsoft partner, RockStep's software for lab and data management, Climb, is architected and hosted in the Azure cloud.  [1]

Cloud First lab and data management software for biomedical researchers and animal colony management.  Security 	Access control/single sign-on security: Integrate with your internal active directory system for authentication and authorization control. 	Security patches applied without interruption: Patches are applied automatically by Microsoft Azure professionals without system usage interruption. 	Data change auditing: As required for regulatory compliance and good laboratory practices, always know who changed what data, what the changes were, and when the changes were made. 	Login monitoring: Track all logins and login attempts. Alert administrators when spurious attempts are detected. 	Data encryption: Data are encrypted in-flight and at rest. Ability to manage your encryption keys locally is provided through Microsoft’s Key Vault system.

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