Cloud First Lab & Data Solutions: Cost Effectiveness

Managing IT systems for biomedical research is enormously expensive and difficult. It includes building and maintaining expensive machine rooms, managing security guards, conducting physical and cyber security audits for regulatory compliance, managing disaster recover strategies, and regularly upgrading, patching, and replacing IT systems while trying to avoid disruptions.


In addition to managing physical infrastructure to host software and data, technologies such as mobile services, and IoT devices may require integration with telecom systems while big-data machine learning systems require massive amounts of compute and data storage resources.


Maintaining all this infrastructure while planning for growth and change is wasteful and often beyond the financial capabilities of research organizations. The only financially sustainable solution is cloud systems which securely share physical resources among thousands of users and are thus able to maintain the most advanced technologies at scale.



Scalable and Cost Effective 	No more IT maintenance and machine costs: All systems are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, upgraded, as needed, and maintained by professional IT staff. 	Disaster/data recovery managed: Data are automatically replicated in geographically separated regions so that major events such as hurricanes, fires, or earthquakes do not risk data loose. 	Data storage: Leverage mass data storage that expands with your needs. No need for complex strategic plans and no more purchasing and maintaining expensive data storage systems. Depending on data storage needs, savings can be quite large. 	Global infrastructure: Azure has machine rooms in 34 regions on five continents. 	Global corporation: RockStep partnered with Microsoft, one of the largest companies in world. 	Cost control: Pay for what you use. Small workgroups cost the equivalent of a few mouse cages per year. 	Automated data backups: Point in time restore to within 15 minute intervals going back 30 days.  Cloud first lab management software for biomedical researchers and animal colony management.

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