Cloud First for Biomedical Research: Lab & Data Management

The total biomedical health care IT LIMS market is over $1.3B. LIMS are adopted so that research organizations can scale and meet regulatory compliance. However, the cost of enterprise LIMS deployments has grown significantly driven by hyper exponential growth in data, security concerns, and rapid changes in technology. 


Maintaining IT infrastructure while planning for growth and change is wasteful and often beyond the financial capabilities of research organizations. The only financially sustainable solution is cloud first lab management software which securely shares physical resources among thousands of users and is thus able to maintain the most advanced technologies at scale.

Cloud first lab and data management for biomedical research, animal colony management, and vivariums.  Animal, sample, and data management 	Animal tracking, breeding: Always know where your animals are, what their status is, how many you have, and what they are being used for. 	Experimental reproducibility: Track all key experimental conditions including setup parameters, lab technician, time of day, data results, and micro environment conditions (using IoT devices). 	Lab protocol and workflow management: Keep track of your tests, data, and who is working on what. Improve experimental and laboratory efficiencies. 	Experiment status and data: Always know the status of your experiments, including what work is complete, what the data products are. 	Track your samples: Know which animals your samples came from, where they are located, and how they were processed. 	Data silos: Integrated mouse, experimental, and sample data eliminate data silos. 	Data accessibility: Access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection with any modern computer or mobile device. 	Data search: Among the hundreds of thousands of possible data records, easily and quickly locate the data you are looking for. 	Regulatory reporting (IACUC): Rather than spend days digging through paper records, quickly produce reports needed for your IACUC reviews or other regulatory reporting requirement or inspections. 	Analytical compute power: The cloud offers unlimited compute resources. Pay only for what you use. 	Scalability: As your lab grows, your compute systems grow with you. Pay for what you use.

 Curious how a cloud first lab management software, like Climb, can work in your lab or vivarium?

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