Cloud First for Biomedical Research: Enables Team Science

New trends in lab and data management are taking the biomedical laboratory by storm. 


RockStep Solutions’ LIMS product, called Climb™, is built into the Microsoft Azure cloud where, in addition to massive compute and storage, it can leverage IoT stream systems, Machine Learning Analytics tools, and Mobile Services.  Cloud first lab management software for biomedical research, animal colony management, and vivariums.  Team science 	Team centered workgroup model: Users organized into lab teams in the application for data sharing and lab resource management. 	Lowering the barrier for adoption: User interfaces designed by trained experts reduces the barrier of adoption for users accustom to working with spreadsheets. Makes it easier to get the whole team in the system. 	In-app messaging systems: Send email and SMS messages to co-workers in your lab from within Climb. Messages are logged and auditable. Message go to users in Climb application and to registered communication devices. 	Unlimited number of users: No need to limit the number of user accounts. Pay only for active users. 	Standardize lab vocabularies: Ensure that all team members use the same terminologies to annotate their experiments and science.

Curious about how a cloud first lab management software, like Climb, can help you manage your research, data, or vivarium?

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