3 Tips You Should Know Before Your Next IACUC Facility Inspection

After a time consuming and tedious protocol completion, as a lab manager it can be temping to focus on operations and set aside the IACUC headache. However, it is important to remember that a vital facility inspection may be just around the corner.  


With the steep consequences of failing an inspection, it is crucial to constantly keep your lab up to snuff.


Follow These Three Tips to Refine Your Preparation Process


1) Notify Your Lab Personnel as Soon as Possible

 It is important to ensure that as many of your lab personnel as possible are available to describe protocol activities at the time of your inspection.[1] It is also recommended that the PI be present at the time of the inspection. However, with only short notice given from the IACUC committee, schedules and timing can be difficult. Early communication to your lab personnel can help ensure their availability.


2) Conduct a Pre-inspection Self Check

Pre-inspection self-checks help your lab achieve a successful, deficiency-free inspection.[2] This will provide practice to responding to requests as well as expose shortfalls within the vivarium. Some IACUC boards will also provide an unofficial pre-inspection. Check with your board as this can provide valuable undocumented feedback.

There are certain areas of the vivarium that are often cited for deficiencies and should be checked. Boston University provides a detailed list that can be found here


3) Keep Immaculate Records

Record keeping reviews are a significant focus during inspections. Ensure log books and other records required from your IACUC protocol are available for the IACUC inspectors to review, and that entries are accurate and up-to-date.[3] Records such as detailed morbidity summaries are often expected. Lab management software such as Climb can help with this.


Curious how Climb can help you manage your IACUC protocols?  Schedule a consultation with us, and we will demo Climb and show you how it can make your life easier!


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